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What's the name of this dog breed?

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@Unknown - Jun 11


@Unknown - Jun 09

Hi this Farooq Ashraf from Abu Dhabi

@Unknown - May 31

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@Unknown - May 30

Cool tool! And fun to check whether I remember the rules :) Two things I noticed: Warning for a crossroad side roads on the left and right. While technically that might be the correct translation, this sign tells you, that you are on the main road and have the right of way for the next crossroad and only the next crossroad. Usually (if no sign specifies otherwise) you have to give way to drivers coming from the right at every intersection, which can get a bit annoying in communal areas, so seeing this sign feels less like a warning and more like relief :). A Fahrradstraße is not a lane for cyclists but a street for cyclists, meaning the (whole!) street is intended predominantly for cyclists, who are then allowed to ride next to each other. Cars are allowed to drive there (unless another sign prohibits such), but have to adjust their speed to the cyclists. I believe they are not allowed to pass at all, even if the oncoming lane is empty.

@Unknown - May 29


@Unknown - May 20


@Unknown - May 11

Soon I will drive there, training needed

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@Unknown - May 11

Good work

@Unknown - May 08


@Unknown - May 06

Thank you...

@Unknown - May 03

No shot! New dog breed?