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In evaluating an accident place, which one of the following is wrong? according to this the correct answer is "The first assessment is that all stimuli which are determined to be unresponsive to alcoholic beverages". Which of the following is true about the bleedings that are classified according to the region of the act of blood in the body? Outside bleeding, bleeding is not visible. The bleeds from the wound to the outside of the body are the internal bleeds. Actual hemorrhages into the body cavities of the blood are classified as external hemorrhages. Hemorrhages from natural orifices; ear, nose, mouth, anus and reproductive organs. The first assistant in transporting the blind should not enter his own health. It must act in accordance with the rules to prevent unnecessary coercion and injury. According to this, which of the following is the general rules that the first deputy must obey during the movement of the wound? Working distant to the wounded Use of longer and stronger muscle groups Direction change by sudden rotation and bending Move the injured as much as possible Just a few of the samples from the first aid section of the test..............................

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Does anyone know where the ENGLISH version of this is please? This uses words in English but its complete and utter nonsense, over 90% of what is written is incomprehensible.

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The Turkish tests are very incomplete. If you pass here, it doesn't mean you will pass at the actual exam. This test is missing all the First-Aid related questions. This test is missing many other questions related to right of way diagrams. A diagram is shown and you have to state who has right of way. This test is missing questions such as "safe distance to maintain while driving at 100km/h" This test is missing questions such as how far you should stop before traffic signs. The best thing to do is to read the Turkish Driving Manual (available in English). It is translated badly, but it does get the job done.

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