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English theory driving text exam

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How many fault answers can you have before failing?

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the questions are well selected. keep it up is very helpful

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it has help me to learn more about sings soo am going the learn todriver it lot thing i will learn more i do no how to driver bat i just

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exams in Poland have Videos and associated Questions. I Hope your paid tests contain some of these . I see that the Free tests do not...

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How many markes I have to got for pass driving theori exam in Poland ??? Answer please

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very good and understanding. thak you.

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very nice this tast .today i got 154/155 befoe 16 mnits

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very nice this tast .today i got 150/155 befor 17 mnits.

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twoday I am online random exam Got 148/155 befor 15 manits.

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Hi everyone! Dmitry is here. I have a question about headlights. I'm a little confused because I couldn't find the law regulation on symmetrical and asymmetrical headlights (headlamps). The only thing I found is about cars from the UK, when you need to stick a special sticker on the headlights to correct the beam so as not to glare oncoming drivers. At that moment I am trying to register my American car in Poland (with headlights with symmetrical horizontal beam line). And during the Technical inspection, the mechanic told me that my headlights should be asymmetric, otherwise I would not have been able to pass the inspection. So the question is: Is it possible to skip this point during inspection? Or maybe get the permission from the government to leave like at is, as my headlamps doesn`t affecting oncoming drivers? Best Regards!

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Good practice test, secured 122/155

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Lots of useful sites

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Very Nice and helpful Jaffer K Aliyar

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not as same as exam

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Where in Poland can I take theory test in English please?

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I really enjoyed the lesson it's very helpful to me thanks very much.

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Two of the questions that were marked incorrect, were actually correct. Need to check your software logic.

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How relevent it is with Poland driving theory exam ? Please answer