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@Unknown - Dec 25

I enjoyed your quiz, very enlightening. Virtually none of these signs are used anywhere I've ever driven and I've been driving for 55 years. Hahah!!

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@Unknown - Jul 07

Good to prepare with these questions before the exam! https://www.china.drivexam.com/

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@Unknown - Jul 02

Very good! But I'd love to have a practice test on laws and regulations, like "how many years in prison a drunk driver who caused a fatal accident may face" and etc, this is where I've been failing on the real test.

@Unknown - Jun 25

Feel the adrenaline going of date on the other side of the traffic

@Unknown - Mar 04

This is a very good pracice test for driving license. Thank you to those who built it.

@Unknown - Sep 24


@Unknown - May 11

Excellent information thanks so much

@Unknown - Apr 11

I can't find the white diamond symbol that's on the road. Can you show me where it is and what it means?